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Plaschem Tower"s Introduction

Located at 562 Nguyen Van Cu Street – the main street of Long Bien District, the northern economic gate of the Hanoi capital city, Plaschem Tower is only 40 minutes – drive from Noibai International Airport, and 10 minutes from Hanoi city centre, where govement offices, leading banks, international organi-zations, and commercial centres are located.

Besides, with minutes away from Long Bien railway station and Gia Lam airport, Plaschem Tower is positioned near the new Highway No 5 – a New Hanoi-Haiphong highway. In a near future, Plaschem Tower will become one of the national stature developments including culture, tourism, enter-tainment parks, business and shopping centres in Red River Development Centre. All these make Plaschem Tower a unique location that can not be found anywhere else.

18 storey buiding with floor area of 900 m2 provides for spacious, flexible office spaces. Vertical transport inside buiding is facilitated by 3 numbers of high speed Mitshubishi elevators imported from Japan. Double-glazed, tempered, acoustic glass, together with VRV centralized air conditioning system, provides stable inside temperature, creating effective working enviroment for tenants. 100% power back-up system, 24/7 means that tenants can be in contact with their clients around the world, around the clock.

In addition, with an underground parking space of 2,500 m2, and an outdoor parking area of 1,000 m2, Plaschem Tower guaranties to meet all needs, from the smallest to the highest demand of customers.


Land Area                 : 3,076 sqm

Built-up Area                        : 1,050 sqm

Total Leasing Area  : 900sqm x 18

Number of Floors     : 18

Parking: 1 basement with capacity of 40 cars & 300 motorbikes, and 1 outdoor parking area with capacity of 20 cars & 160 motorbikes


900 sqm floor area with 2,55 m ceiling height;

3 numbers of high speed (2,5 m/s) Mitsubishi elevators with capacity of 1,000 kg;

VRV centralized air conditioning system;

Standardised Fire fighting system;

With lighting system, followed T5 European standard, providing true light, causing no harm to eyes, Plaschem Tower is proud to be the first buiding in Vietnam using Eruopean standard lighting;

Comprehensive design of M&E system;

100% power back-up system, 24/7;

Management by Plastic Chemicals Joint Stock Company


Plaschem Tower Management Board

17th Floor Plaschem Tower - 562 Nguyen Van Cu Street

Long Bien District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Hotline: 04-6268-5555   Mobile: 091.309.7188

Fax: 043. 8723.569


Plaschem Tower Management Board
 Introduction For Plaschem Tower  [19/11/2010 09:02]
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Introduction For Plaschem Tower
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Địa chỉ: 562 Nguyễn Văn Cừ - Long Biên - Hà Nội
Tel: (84.4) 6268 5555. Fax: (84.4) 3872 3569
Email :
Website :